U.S. Outlook: Global economy firing on all cylinders

Scott Anderson
Chief Economist

One of the reasons the FOMC felt comfortable going ahead with the balance sheet normalization plan and signaling another rate hike before the end of the year was the significant progress that has been made on global economic growth and the improving global economic outlook for 2018.

Graph showing growth in several major economies around the world.The global economy is now more or less firing on all cylinders.

For more on this, see highlights of my report below, followed by a link to the full U.S. Outlook, delivered on Sept. 22.

Key observations:

  • Eurozone and U.K. economic strength have been some of the biggest surprises for the global economic outlook this year.
  • The Bank of England could be the next major central bank to start raising interest rates, perhaps as soon as November.
  • Japan’s economy is turning the corner. It is likely to continue to grow above trend over the next few years.
  • China’s hard landing fears have dissipated this year.


Click here to read my full report.


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Investment Insights: Excerpts from our August report

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After the North Korean regime had threatened the U.S. with a missile strike, the VIX Index, which is considered a barometer for volatility, dropped only slightly.

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Instant Analysis: FOMC announces balance sheet unwind will begin in October

Scott Anderson
Chief Economist
View of a eagle statue on Federal Reserve building in DC

As was widely telegraphed before the meeting, the committee decided to go ahead with the balance sheet normalization program in October.

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I know the concept of investing can be a little intimidating due to many options and risks, but here are three tips I often share on the basics of investing.

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Strategic philanthropy: New approach to a classic concept

Steve Prostano
Family Wealth Advisors
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One of the main benefits of strategic philanthropy is its integration with an individual’s or family’s overall wealth planning strategy.

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