A cash management trend to watch: big data

Eileen Dignen
Cash Management
Scene in a coffee shop with a light overlay of numeric sequences.

Uses of big data could extend to cash flow forecasting, foreign exchange, and liquidity planning.

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U.S. Outlook: The hard vs. soft data conundrum revisited

Scott Anderson
Chief Economist
Graph comparing hard and soft data of US Economic Surprise Index

In this week’s report we show how truly unusual the current divergence between “soft” data surprises and the “hard” data surprises really is.

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Investment Insights: Excerpts from our Q1 strategy report

Wade Balliet
Posted by Wade Balliet
Investment Strategy
Aerial view of skyscrapers near the river in Shanghai

Everyone seems to be feeling pretty good about the economy and the markets, barring a sneaking suspicion about stock valuations.

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Balancing business and philanthropic goals may not be either-or

Kristin Nelson
Wealth Management Strategy
Vern Mangels sitting on a picnic table with a few RVs visible in the background.

Business owners and entrepreneurs do not have to sacrifice their business objectives in order to achieve their philanthropic goals.

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