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Leader in social entrepreneurship: Tony Hillery, founder of Harlem Grown

Kristin Nelson
Wealth Management Strategy

As part of my work in wealth management strategy, I have the opportunity to work with and advise a wide variety of entrepreneurs and business owners, and it’s always insightful to hear their personal stories and learn about the impact they have had in their own careers.

For our second annual NextGen Experience in Silicon Valley hosted by Bank of the West Wealth Management and BNP Paribas, a group of our millennial clients from more than 20 countries around the globe got a chance to hear directly from entrepreneur Tony Hillery, of Harlem Grown. Tony’s story is an uncommon and inspiring one. He has gone from owner of a successful limousine business catering to entertainment and sports celebrities to heading an organization that uses urban farming to revitalize neighborhoods.

In fact, his example may especially resonate with younger generations. According to our 2018 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur report, elite entrepreneurs and “millennipreneurs” (entrepreneurs under 36 years old) are showing an increasing desire for their investments to have a positive impact.

Tony shared with us his thoughts on one of the biggest risks today’s entrepreneurs face.

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Taking the high-speed train to purpose investment

Julie Davitz
Posted by Julie Davitz
Strategic Philanthropy
Blur of fast-moving train inside a beautiful, contemporary train station with blue ceiling.

Conscious capitalism’s growth in importance to investors around the world (especially millennials) is hard to deny.

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The 2018 Millennial Study: What we found out

Posted by Newsroom
Corporate News
Young woman lounging on a couch in a sunny living room as she checks her phone.

Millennial homeowners may be rushing into a home-buying decision without asking all the right questions.

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Millennials: Insights on their homebuying activities & intentions

Victor Polich
Mortgage Banking
Young couple sitting on floor, painting an interior wall; but the woman is using a small paintbrush and paints a symbol of a small blue house on the wall.

When it comes to homebuying, it’s not uncommon to hear that millennials are breaking with the traditions of their parents and grandparents.

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A recipe for the millennials’ American Dream

Paul Appleton
Consumer Banking
Young couple pausing from their meal at a kitchen table to take a selfie.

It’s as if this generation took some of the classic elements of the American Dream and added several twists, building a whole new recipe.

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